Sustainable Celebrations

I have just started a small business which hires out reusable party packages to reduce the need for people to use disposable party products (e.g., plastic plates, cutlery, cups, balloons, streamers, table clothes). Many people don't realise, but plastic and paper tableware can only be recycled if it is clean. In addition many paper party plates have a plastic film covering them which means they are not able to be recycled even when clean, contributing to landfill and plastic pollution.

I believe the biggest barrier to people using alternatives to single use party items, is convenience (particularly for parents) and cost. I provide a complete party kit, so there is no fuss, and aim to keep prices as low as I can. I offer a washing up service so that after the party people can pack the kit back into the box, return it to my house, and relax. I also think it is important that the packages look beautiful, and so I have put in many hours hand-making the buntings, and fabric bags.

I started up on 29th November 2019, and since then we have saved 822 single use items from being consumed, and sent to landfill! Check out my facebook page @NewcastleSustainableCelebrations to see some pics of my kits in action.

Fondos becados por Newcastle (February 2020)