Solved By Girls Conference

Solved by Girls, established in 2017, is New Jersey's first-ever STEM conference for girls. The conference offers participants the opportunity to participate in a team olympiad of STEM challenges, meet other like-minded girls, and hear from inspiring guest speakers. SBG aims to encourage young girls' interest in STEM studies and professions.The conference is open to all girls in grades 3-8 at any school in the greater New York metropolitan area. (Title l schools are entitled to a 50% registration discount.)

Solved by Girls was created by a student named Clara, in response to a discouraging lack of female participants in middle and high school math competitions. The objective is to affirm young girls’ interest in STEM studies/professions, and more broadly, to encourage them to pursue their passions with confidence and optimism. Nearly 150 girls attended each conference and were greatly excited about this unprecedented opportunity.

Each year, SBG features a prominent woman working in technology. This year’s speaker was Sara Krug. Ms. Krug is the CEO of CANCER101, an online patient advocacy group that helps cancer patients and their caregivers navigate their cancer journey. She is also the founder of The Health Collaboratory, a hub that brings together patients, caregivers, and clinicians to develop innovative strategies to improve the quality and outcomes of health care.

Solved By Girls is planning another conference for April 2020. We expect the next conference to be as successful as those in prior years.

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