Building a 3D Scanner

I will build a full-scale 3D scanner that can be used to scan a person's whole body in a millisecond. This is not a pipe dream, but in fact these scanners already exist. Although.... most cost thousands of £s to buy or rent, and to get a model of yourself printed costs at least £70, if you can find a booth! (there is 1 in the entire country – this one If it were more accessible and cheaper, people could print models of themselves as mementos, or creatives can use them for digital art projects.

What I will do when I've built this scanner is base it at DoES Liverpool – I've already been in touch with John McKerrell and he's very supportive of this idea. I will teach a few of the permanent residents there how to use the scanner and export the results. This means that whenever they have a Maker Day (essentially an open day for people to come and use their equipment for free), Liverpool digital artists and makers will have access to a facility only dreamt of before!

I will run two workshops for 3D scanning at DoES – showing creatives in the city how do to it and what the results can be used for. I'll also scan them and give them their own 3D printed model of themselves. What I'm looking to do with it is to scan actors for 3D models for printing and VFX in my feature film (

Fondos becados por Liverpool (December 2019)