Magnolia Community Farmers Market

We are the Magnolia Community Farmers Market. After a successful 1st season we are planning for 2020. Located on Lexington Ave in Magnolia, our market runs from June-Sept on Sunday mornings. We have a diverse market thriving with local farms, food purveyors, artisans and crafters.

Our vendors served the communities of Gloucester & Manchester providing locally sourced meat, cheeses, honey, fresh produce, GF/Non-GMO products, seafood, locally roasted coffee & a variety of locally prepared foods.
Our goal is to serve as many community members as possible by offering as many vendors as we can, with fresh and local options at affordable prices. We aim to apply for WIC and SNAP/EBT accreditation before next season, and to do so we will need the swipe machine and software to accept the benefits, as well as pay fees to the state for the application process. We project that we will need about a 6 months headstart for planning and paperwork to get the legalities in place before our June opening.

Fondos becados por Gloucester, MA (November 2019)