New A/V equipment for York Artistic Swimming Club

York Artistic Swimming Club is located in Newmarket and Aurora. We are Ontario Non-for-Profit organization. Since 1988, the Club trains girls at all levels in the sport of Artistic Swimming (formerly known as Synchronized Swimming).

Our Club is not just a place for kids to learn and practice the sport. As reflected in our Club's founding documents, Club's activities encourage young girls to develop healthy lifestyle; improve their life skills; helps them build capacity for learning and reaching goals; boost their creativity while developing their swimming routine; push them to pursue excellence; and help them become ethical and respectful persons.

Artistic swimming provides young girls with fantastic female role models. Young athletes are coached and mentored by capable, strong and intelligent women, and have a successful, hard-working female athletes to look up to. Artistic swimming helps girls develop a strong sense of self-confidence - the kind of confidence that will lead them to success and to the belief that they can succeed at anything if they work hard enough at it.

Artistic swimming empowers young girls and teaches them about self-esteem, self-disciple, healthy body image, team-work, and time-management. Girls learn how to set goals and push themselves to excel.

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