Life Lessons & Libations

Schoolin Life is a weekly podcast, a bimonthly blog, and occasional live events that empowers women by extending the coveted “girlfriend” conversation and cultivating a community of women who are passionate about education, storytelling, and personal and professional development, based in State College, PA. The proposed project "Life Lessons and Libations" takes us from our listeners ears to building community in person through with a series of small group sessions with intentional story telling and therapeutic conversations about our lived experiences.While all are welcome, " Life Lessons and Libations" is rooted in the empowerment of women of color, Black women in particular and provides intentional space for them to be in community with one another, to be vulnerable and discuss their shared experiences particularly those that are impacted by living in Centre County. I have revamped this idea from my previous submission to center "Life Lessons & Libations" around a book club, engaging participants in text written by women that allows them to use the topics in the text to explore their own personal stories. Quarterly we would meet to discuss a previously chosen text and discuss how the themes in the book related to our own lived experiences.. Women would be encouraged to reflect aloud in the circle and use self reflection journals given to participants to tell their own stories related to the theme.

Fondos becados por State College, PA (September 2019)