October’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Corinne Sauvé, to support the development of a solo performance dealing with the disclosure of sexual violence.

The production, explains Corinne, “could be best described as a Rube Goldberg machine that is made functional with my words and my body. It is a game, and the goal is to get through layers of story-telling that are only made possible by appropriate activation of the device.”

“It will be an artistic installation as well as performance art,” Corinne continues, “in the sense that there is always a risk of non-completion of the performance due to accidents in the machine and human errors.”

An early, experimental version of the show, called Moéitou, will be performed February 13-15 at the Espace René-Provost, just across the river in Hull. Tickets are available online.

Corinne is a theatre practitioner, a recent graduate of the University of Ottawa, and an emerging scholar working in the area of youth homelessness.

Fondos becados por Ottawa (October 2019)