Now You See Us

Dinosaur. Now You See Us is a magic show starring 3 female magicians. Uncommon and unique, the aim of this show is to shine the spotlight on women in magic.
There are approximately 100 male magicians for every 1 female magician in Australia? It is my hope that this project will be the first of many that will contribute change to that imbalance.
My aim with this project has been to establish strong connections between young women currently practising magic in order to encourage them to stay in the industry and to give them a platform to learn the process of producing their own shows through rehearsals, content decisions, photo shoots, sending press releases, writing scripts, etc.
In my work with young magicians I have noted that it’s the relationships formed with those who share our passion and are our peers that keep us engaged in the industry. It’s this connectedness and the forming of friendships and alliances that I’m interested in strengthening in my fellow female magi.
About the show: Nicola Gidley (17), Prue Spencer (14) and Lee Cohen (35) are challenging the traditional view that magicians are usually men with their show titled “Now You See Us" being presented at the 2019 Melbourne Magic Festival.
This fresh new collaborative work aims to highlight both the individual skills of its unique cast as well as seeing them work together to present magic that shows they have the skills (and sass!) to rival their male counterparts.
Prue and Nicola have both been 1st place winners at the Australian Junior Championships of Magic and Lee, having performed magic since the age of 8, has performed and taught in Australia and overseas. With regular workshops at Arts Centre Melbourne she is also the former President of the Australian Institute of Magic.
In an industry that has strong stereotypes we challenge our potential audience:
“we would love to see you, NOW, will YOU SEE US?”

Fondos becados por Melbourne (June 2019)