Lights Camera Discover Youth Workshops

Lights Camera Discover is "turning imaginations into opportunity."

The nonprofit organization provides underserved youth opportunities to develop confidence, build self-esteem and learn teamwork by participating in a series of workshops that teach various aspects of performing and digital arts (including digital filmmaking, photography, acting, screenwriting, website design and animation).

Through afterschool and summer programs youth receive mentorship in group and one-on-one settings. They have the chance to work with seasoned veterans in film, acting, writing, production and more and discover a different way of thinking, writing, speaking and ways to be creative.

"The activities in which our youth engage in are critical to their development," says executive director Kema Charles. "The world of technology is ever rapidly changing and in order to prepare our youth, we have to be able to expose them to tomorrow's trends and technology today."

She continues, "If we are able to keep a majority of our students out of trouble off the streets and out of jail we feel that we are doing what is needed to ensure our youth have a bright future ahead of them."

The long-term goal of Lights Camera Discover is to instill in youth to make positive career choices in life.

"We encourage our students to understand the old concept of it takes a village to raise a child. That means they will encounter all facets of life, their environment and community. But their ability to choose is first and foremost," Kema says.

The organization focuses on partnerships, innovation and engagement. LCD has formed partnerships with City of Phoenix Housing Department, Roosevelt School District, Maricopa County Regional School District and local community organizations to ensure reaching more youth and more often.

The grant will allow the nonprofit organization to purchase needed equipment and supplies as well as meals and snacks for the participants.

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