Complete Streets Makeover 2.0

Last year, the intersection of Parsells Ave and Greeley St was selected for a "Complete Streets Makeover" - basically, we wanted to make the street more inclusive, attractive, and safe for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers as opposed to the dangerous speedway it was. Community members came out en masse for the day-long event where we installed curb extensions to slow down cars as they turned, painted a on-street mural, and put up artistic elements along the streetscape. We even brought in a piano for everyone to paint and play. Neighbors are still talking about what a great time they had!

Unfortunately, a key component of the makeover (a set of speed cushions) did not arrive in time for the event. Without it we were unable to collect the traffic data needed to demonstrate our proof of concept and make a case for a permanent redesign of the street. Thankful, the City has now purchased a set of speed cushions, and it looks like we'll have a second chance. This is where the Awesome Foundation comes in!

We'd like to make a strong case that the temporary changes we are making should be made permanent. In other words, this project has the potential to demonstrate the power of every day residents to get things done and effect change while having a great time doing it! Even better, it's something that can be replicated all throughout Rochester and in cities everywhere!

Fondos becados por Rochester, NY (April 2019)