Karam (Generosity) Kitchen

At Lakeroad Public School, 50 students in Grades 6-8 meet once a week in a restorative learning circle, called Circle Up. Everyone in the circle makes a commitment to honour four agreements: listen to understand rather than to judge; take turns sharing our stories; show respect for the dignity of others and speak our truths.

One of this year‘s projects is Karam Kitchen. Karam means hospitality or generosity in Arabic. For the students, Karam Kitchen represents an experience of generosity. It is based around 4 cooking lessons that provide a chance to break bread with a translator and a Syrian refugee. Students learn about Syria, being a refugee, building empathy with newcomers & English language learners, foster an appreciation for home through live poetry reading, speaking/writing a different language, examining biases, busting some myths & sharing moments of gratitude. In each of the 4 cooking lessons the students get to try & learn to make a different Syrian-inspired food prepared by our Syrian guest. In the end, the students will have the makings of a complete meal.

Fondos becados por Sarnia (April 2019)