Rollobrary Book Club

I'm a high school English teacher that will be operating a Summer Reading Camp for ages 2-12 at Davis Memorial Church. The children this camp will service attend Buchanan, Dickinson, and other GRPS schools. Children need to be encouraged to improve and expand their reading and writing skills during the summer months. My church is located in the GPNA area. Our goal is to encourage "Reading Around The Community"
We are having a Scholastic Book Fair to help raise funds to support the camp. People are donating books for the camp, also.

The Rollobrary Book Club will provide a Community library, reading circles, volunteers reading to children, ages 2-4, and tutorial for challenged readers.

The Cyber Reading Club initiative is a project combining reading and technology. Club members will read stories on an Ebook.

I have operated summer community programs at my church. I funded the programs with my
personal funds and donations from church members, family and friends. Church members,
family, friends, and colleagues have volunteered
in the programs. We provided lunch and snacks for participants, also.

Fondos becados por Grand Rapids, MI (June 2012)