Why our project is awesome? In Ukraine, the rates of HIV/AIDS and other STDs, as well as unwanted teenage pregnancies are the highest in Europe, while the tolerance level to LGBTQ is among the lowest. One of the reasons for it is very low sexual literacy among the population. There is no sexual education in schools, and often the topic of sex and sexuality is taboo at homes. We strive to solve this problem by creating an online-platform that serves as an inclusive space and provides scientifically-based and easy to understand information on the topics of sex and sexuality, tolerance and inclusion, gender equality and feminism, consent and ethical aspects of sex and relationships, LGBTQ support, and prevention of rape and abuse, HIV/AIDS and other STIs, unwanted teenage pregnancies, bullying and slut-shaming. Another aspect of the website is stories of grown-ups that share their experiences from puberty and how they learned to deal with them/what they wish they knew. Some of the examples of stories include being gay in the army, having eating disorders, getting out of toxic relationships. Another functionality is asking an anonymous question that can get answered by medical professionals that collaborate with us. When we have time, we also organize offline lectures and discussion groups in different cities around Ukraine on youth events and in schools. During offline events we also provide free contraception and consult on the regional centers, where STI and HIV testing is done free and anonymously. The entire project was created pro bono by us and other enthusiasts with skills. We are an official NGO but we have just started in September 2018 and did not manage to receive any funds yet because sex ed in Ukraine is a controversial topic. However, even a microgrant would help us improve our website and outreach significantly. We chose an online format to reach a maximum amount of people that need it, however spreading the word by mouth is long and ineffective.

Fondos becados por Awesome Without Borders (June 2019)