Tricyclolo is a publicly cited sculpture that is informed by the Filipino tricycle, a ubiquitous three-wheeled transport in the Philippines. They are brightly painted, adorned with burloloy (dangly décor), ornate designs and slogans. They are often embellished with names of loved ones and patrons. If a Rocker motorcycle and an baroque Mod scooter had an offspring in Southeast Asia, it would be a Filipino tricycle.

Through the Awesome Foundation, I’m seeking to support primary research, design and materials tests towards the construction of a native San Francisco tricycle. The main fabrication will be funded through the San Francisco Arts Commission and community partners in the Bay Area. This proposed tricycle will be designed with elements in the Bay that exemplify the SOMA Pilipinas Cultural District. The protected sidecar allows for decorative content and possible patron acknowledgement.

SOMA Pilipinas Cultural District has identified a need for a public collective identifier. The presence of a familiar signifier in the streets of San Francisco can be a poetic place holder for a cultural identity. This community-developed tricycle will be built with local iconography in SOMA Pilipinas that will embolden and empower a community that suffers from decades of displacement and are often ignored.

Public presentations will range from casually driving around San Francisco to more formal exhibitions. For example, Tricyclolo can be used to assist those with mobility challenges in SOMA. The sidecar can be nostalgic space for recording conversations with elders in the community to capture their stories and wisdom. Occasionally, the sculpture will be displayed as a static artwork and potentially as an addition to the Pistahan parade or other events where SOMA Pilipinas presence is needed.

Fondos becados por San Francisco, CA (November 2018)