Earn A Bike@School is a semester-long, tuition free, youth development program that partners with schools to increase attendance and academic performance, while decreasing negative behavior. Earn-A-Bike offers each participant the opportunity to earn a brand new bicycle, helmet, light and lock upon completion. We have successfully completed our program in both an in-school and afterschool capacity and are able to tailor the program to the campus needs. Our Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) aligned curriculum teaches students the importance of physical activity, maintaining a healthy diet, and key bicycle, safety, and maintenance skills. The goal is to improve campus statistics, including Texas Education Agency (TEA) scores, by way of increasing attendance and academic performance, while decreasing negative behavior.

The culmination of the program is our Bike Build Event, which is a six-hour long program where students, with the help of a volunteer, assemble their new bike, reinforce what they have learned about safe cycling, and learn how to support each other when riding as a group. The event acts as a celebration of the students’ commitment and dedication to improving themselves and concludes in a two-mile group ride.

This year, 300 students from Edgewood ISD will earn their spot at the Earn-A-Bike for Christmas 2018. Their good behavior, school attendance, academic performance, and health and wellness knowledge will have paid off. They will all receive a brand new bicycle, helmet, lights, lock and the experience of a lifetime. This Christmas Season, Earn-A-Bike will bring together 300 children, 300 parents and more than 700 volunteers to make the Earn-A-Bike for Christmas 2018 the largest bike build event in the US.

Fondos becados por San Antonio, TX (August 2018)