I'm a software developer and I have about 100 new ideas a week.

I hate remote controls, in particular I hate remote controls for garage doors both at home at work. At home I never seem to have the remote control in my car - at work the draconian building managers limit how many people can have a remote.

I want to build a system where I can use my mobile phone to buzz open a garage door, and share that buzzer with people I want to. At home I get Jims Mowing to come and mow my lawn. I would love to be able to "share" my remote control with him via text message (with a URL) with a time limit so that he could get into my backyard on Tuesday morning between 9am and 12am.

At work, it would be great to have an allocation of "two spaces" and give multiple remotes to various team members and have the system tell me when there are no car spaces left.

I'm the right person to build this because I know how to build web applications and I have enough basic skills to produce a working prototype of the hardware interface. I started working on this idea last night.

I repaired an old busted remote control and then figured out what circuit I need to short to trigger the garage door to open. I'm going to hotwire the remote with an Arduino/Netduino and then connect with a home PC via USB. That will then listen via a socket to a message coming in over the web which is connected to a mobile web-site/mobile app.

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