Palm Beach County, FL (Inactivo)

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Acerca de Nosotros

We are the chapter of the Awesome Foundation in Palm Beach County, Florida.

We give no-strings-attached monthly grants to people who do something awesome in Palm Beach County.

Awesome Palm Beach is part of a global community of everyday people like you and I looking to make a positive change within our immediate communities in small and easy ways.

Each month, members, known as trustees, and other awesome people, come together as a Chapter and provide a micro grant to a project or idea to the tune of $1000 or more.

These grants can go to individuals, groups, companies, charities, self-help groups or any type of entity.

The grants support projects in sciences, arts, civic engagement, media, entertainment… just about anything as long as it contributes to making Palm Beach county more awesome!

The $1000+ micro grant is obtained from contributions by the trustees and event attendees who make a monthly contribution of just $100.

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