The Genesis Intergenerational Program

Genesis is an intergenerational affordable housing initiative serving young mothers who have recently aged out of foster care, their children, and seniors living on fixed incomes, as well as other families interested in taking part in a collaborative community. The Genesis program uses affordable housing as a foundation upon which vulnerable residents of diverse ages can build mutually beneficial relationships and achieve personal goals.

Genesis is based on a national model of intergenerational communities in which older adults provide meaningful care and social support to individuals and families facing particular vulnerabilities, who in turn, promote the well-being of the elders as they age.

• At Genesis housing comes first; participants all have a quality, affordable place to call home that includes a library, community room, and other meeting spaces
• Seniors and adult residents living at Genesis contribute set hours of service to the community each quarter
• Community members contribute to the community and engage with each other through tutoring, meal preparation, help with transportation, companionship, help with shopping, babysitting, and much more.
• Genesis emphasizes the power of connectivity and purpose to surmount challenges at every stage of life

Genesis is housed in a 27-unit building developed by Mi Casa in partnership with city agencies. Specially designed to support the Intergenerational program, the building features a community kitchen, meeting room, garden, and library.

Mi Casa’s Genesis program staff facilitate community engagement within the intergenerational community, and provide individual support to the families, children, and seniors living there, as well as linkages to outside social services.

Подкрепен от Washington, DC (February 2018)