Plants and Blooms ReImagined

Plants and Blooms ReImagined (PBR) is based on two core premises – 1) that the beauty, joy, inspiration and healing power of nature’s connection, gifted by indoor plants and cut-flowers, should be accessible to all and 2) if we look with “new” eyes, there’s always something more to be expressed, to give or new expressions, new gifts to be realized -- applicable to plants and most importantly to people. Thus, PBR's mission is to increase access to and engagement with indoor plants and cut-flowers as accessible connections to nature and key contributors to enhanced quality of life, particularly for marginalized and under resourced groups who more often are disconnected from life enhancing nature based living.

PBR’s second core principle underlies the means by which plants are sourced. It rescues and repurposes what would be prematurely discarded post-event arrangements, non-market sells and florist and growers’ surplus from florists, floral designers, event planners, market vendors, venue and hotel managers, bridal couples and more throughout the DC metro area. In collaboration, PBR raises awareness and provides a vehicle for facilitating a sustained commitment to socially impactful and environmentally responsible end-of-use practices. From many of these same sources, indoor plant donations are secured as well.
Immediately post recovery, the critical preservation process ensues. The life affirming reimagining process follows, resulting in either the maximum number possible of small arrangements for direct delivery, or multiple larger scale arrangements for lobbies of service organizations or for facility unit floors, or various grouped florals for guided therapeutic flower arranging, or many potted up cuttings from indoor plant donations.

PBR’s first year brought flowers and indoor plants into the lives and experience specifically of seniors in day programs, assisted living, nursing and rehabilitation communities, public housing and even health fairs.

Подкрепен от Washington, DC (February 2018)