Good In Our Neighborhood Film Festival

The majority of our students at Washington Global Public Charter School are from Southwest and Southeast, DC. Since they realize no matter which ward they reside in there is so much good in their neighborhoods, students collaborated with their teacher to test concepts for showing other DC residents (as well as the entire DMV community) the good that makes their neighborhoods unique and beautiful.

Students also decided a film festival displaying both their talents as well as the great things in their communities would be one of the best ways to give back to the communities they love. Therefore, their goal is to create a series of documentary, short films, and animations that highlight exciting residential and commercial areas of both Southeast and Southwest as well as the residents and rich history in both areas of DC. It is their hope that creating a series of positive documentaries, short films and animations about the Southwest and Southeast communities will bring those communities together and show everyone who attends the good in their neighborhoods.

Подкрепен от Washington, DC (March 2018)