Tail Feather

"Tail Feather "is a burlesque ballet examining the cause and effects of toxic masculinity in black communities through the courting, mating, and family dynamics of birds.In the animal kingdom the male birds usually have brighter colored feathers, or other cosmetic attributes compared to their female counterparts. The male birds are the dancers, the singers, and the designers, and they do it all for the attention of their potential mate or to protect their families. "Tail Feather" will be a full length new work of burlesque theatre and dance. It is written and conceptualized by Earth Pearl Collective’s Artistic Director Sadiqua Iman who will also be directing it.
We will be premiering this project at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center June 2018. We believe that artists of color often are only seen doing original work in small fringe theatres, but deserve to be seen on larger stages more often. Increased visibility of artists of color doing dynamic work defies the long standing belief that they are not represented in Seattle. Burlesque and queerness are often taboo in many communities of color, so Earth Pearl Collective strives to bring forth universal themes and historical relevance to both the communities Burlesque is still being rediscovered by many, and to some it still seems like a low brow form of art. “Tail Feather” is an opportunity to change that narrative by blending the story line and composition of a classical ballet with the seductiveness and social commentary of neo-burlesque. Earth Pearl Collective (EPC) is creating a very intentional cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary production that will bring unlikely communities together. One of the biggest questions in the theatre community right now is how to build equity and diversity. “Tail Feather” is a direct response to this. It is a collaboration of a grassroots organization, a historically black institution, and world renowned artists of color not only on stage but behind the scenes.

Подкрепен от Seattle, WA (May 2018)