Awesome Pink Envelopes

Dozens of stories of charitable actions flowed back to us on our recent Awesome Pink Envelope Campaign. We saw everything from the good old fashion coffee buy, to free stamps at the post office, getting people free lunches, flowers for an awesome mom and donations to charities and families in need. We also saw a lot of smiles.. a lot of folks who clearly appreciated the notion of folks doing something nice for one another for no other reason then to do it. This was especially true for the young kids both giving and receiving.

We made a lot of news with this event, the CBC, Huffington Post Post, CTV National and Atlantic News, Sirius XM Radio and so on. We have put together an archive to collect all this goodness and you can find that in the links section below, interviews can also be found in the comments section. If you or someone you know have a story related to the event please send it to us, we want to share them.

Now for some shout outs... big thanks to all the trustee's, those that gave out the envelopes and those who couldn't make it but donated their hard earned money.. you guys are the bee's knees. Shout out to Bounty Print here in Antigonish, Dave, Greg, the whole crew, they covered the free inserts and have done a bunch of free promotional materials for us in the past. Big thanks to our community, all the people of Antigonish town and county... the fabric of our community is sewn with the threads of kind, selfless actions, Mr. Coady would be proud.

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Подкрепен от Antigonish, NS (March 2017)