Concussion Education Safety and Awareness Program

The Concussion Education Safety and Awareness Program (CESAP) is a volunteer based initiative that works to empower civilians and athletes on concussion injuries through evidence-based education and on field clinics. Our program acts as a bridge between athletics and science, as a way to fuel the current movement aimed at improving players’ safety in sports. As we strengthen the relationship between student-athletes and the youth, we strive to keep the next generation healthy and active in team-based sports.
Sponsored by the Queen’s School of Medicine and the Centre for Neurosciences, CESAP was developed with the help of physicians in the Kingston community. Recently, our program has received support from Parachute Canada (ThinkFirst), the Ontario Brain Institute, and the Limestone District School Board. This has allowed us to integrate educative clinics within high schools throughout the city of Kingston. Over the past 13 months, our group has presented to over 3,000 individuals ranging from Vancouver to Québec city, with involvement at four universities across the country. Additionally, the Canadian Association for Neuroscience recognized CESAP, last year, with the Advocacy & Outreach Award for its work in advocating mental health in the community.
CESAP focuses on two main components of head injuries: education and prevention. Our classroom sessions are designed to educate about the signs and symptoms, management, and prevention of concussions. By ensuring that appropriate resources are distributed to students, athletes, coaches and parents, we seek to increase awareness and empower the community about sport-related concussions. In attempt to improve injury prevention, CESAP also offers on-field clinics lead by varsity athletes to teach the youth proper technique in high-risk activities, specific to any sport. These interventions are designed to reduce head impacts and exposure to concussive blows, without taking away the integrity of the game (and the fun!).

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