"MarchingForward" video

“Marching Forward” is a dramatic, inspiring video for girls and women that shares a message of optimism and boldly encourages girls to use their innate power and courage to carry on the work of feminist pioneers of the past. To be released within days of the Presidential Inauguration in January, 2017, this video is critical now. We’re all concerned about the current wave of anti­feminist, misogynistic, and hateful messaging facing women and girls. Our coalition of female filmmakers, producers, and activists is taking all of this negative energy and turning it into a beautiful new beginning.
Produced by GlobalGirl Media and The Representation Project, “Marching Forward” will address the turbulent age we live in with a call to action to all girls and women ­ not just to march in unity on January 21st, but to march forward to create a better future for all (girls and women!). The story pairs teenage girls from diverse backgrounds and locations with women whose courage and grit we admire most. The video will reference the pioneering work of female leaders, including Suffragettes, Rosa Parks, Dolores Huerta, Hillary Clinton and Malala. Ultimately, this high production ­value video defines the anxiety girls and women are facing today, builds on the breakthroughs of pioneering women throughout history, and inspires everyone to take a specific action to support the cause.

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (January 2017)