Cooking Club

In the 2015-2016 School year I was approached by middle and high school students about a cooking club here on campus. Thankfully, we still had working kitchens in the Health room and the students absolutely love creating, cooking and of course, eating. We were able to meet after school on Thursdays about once a month. We did not have a budget for this club and decided to ask for donations and for members to pay a 3-5 dollar fee to be able to purchase supplies. We found that this process didn't always work, as some students simply couldn't afford an extra 3 dollars on top of their other needs, such as lunch money. We still let students participate, as to not leave anyone out, but it became costly. Choosing nutritious foods, preparing and creating meals is an important life skill for everyone, especially adolescents. Students truly enjoy this experience, but we could not continue without support and funding assistance. We would love to get this up going again! Thank you for your consideration.

Подкрепен от Rockport, MA (January 2017)