Sensie - measuring intuitive response of the body

Working with researchers out of Oxford University and UC Berkeley we have developed a neuromuscular signal that represents the intuitive response of the body to any topic a person would like to explore.

We use sensors on smartphones combined with machine learning techniques to track the fluidity of movement in an active whipping gesture. By measuring the response of the golgi tendons in the wrist we are able to detect when a topic is in balance or out of balance for a person's overall well-being.

Topics include: food allergies/sensitivities, well-being methods such as different meditation techniques, mindfulness techniques, positive psychology, etc.

We've spent the last year and half researching and developing the core signal. Majority of our research has been conducted on mindfulness, meditation and other well-being methods. We just recently completed two preliminary studies on food sensitivities/allergies and we had fantastic results - we were able to accurately detect foods that were in balance / out of balance for participants as corroborated by widely accepted blood testing exams.

We are now preparing to bring the product to market focusing solely on food sensitivities/allergies.

Imagine what it could mean for us if our choices for our own well-being were self-guided based on the bodies innate guidance.

Подкрепен от Miami, FL (February 2017)