Folkparken – the people’s park!

To buy or rent land in Stockholm is very expensive, which makes Stockholm quite inaccessible for groups without strong financial resources. At the same time there’s one type of land that’s valuable and heavily subsidized for those who have a car - parking lots.

For just 15kr/hr you can put something as big and expensive as a car in central parts of the city. Cheap rent for something that doesn’t add much to making the city an awesome place. Is that such good idea?

Now what if you could transform these parking bays into something amazing, something awesome? Instead of cars we will park trailers on bays, trailers that will have a whole heap of different things on them for people to enjoy. Imagine parks, planter boxes, jacuzzis, outdoor cinemas, you name it. The inspiration will flourish and transform a Stockholm street for an entire week!

Подкрепен от Stockholm (February 2016)