Keppoch Fall Colours Community Fun Day

Awesome Keppoch Fall Colours Fun Day
Planned for October 2015( date to be confirmed on September 9th), the Keppoch will be hosting a community fun day. We have had these sorts of events in the winter - they attract hundreds of people - but have never had one in the fall season before. We would want hikers, cyclists, runners, kids, parents, men, women, teenagers - everyone to come out and enjoy outdoor activity, nature, music, food, drink, community and to learn about our plans for so much more in the future.
We also plan to launch our community fundraising campaign at this event. We will be acknowledging our early supporters and letting people know about our goal.
We were thinking it could also be fun to stage an activity during the event where the Awesome Foundation could solicit awesome ideas for the Keppoch on the spot.
Our overall goal will be to have more people join our effort to make the Keppoch the most awesome 4 season outdoor recreation facility in Atlantic Canada or beyond.

Подкрепен от Antigonish, NS (September 2015)