A Solar Karaoke Machine

The Antigonish Community Energy Cooperative, exists to facilitate the installation of one million Watts of solar electric generating capacity in the Town and County of Antigonish. This will generate about 1% of the electricity consumed by the Town in one year. It’s a small but important amount. Imagine if we succeed in doing this every year for the next ten years. Considering the Town already generates about 30% of its electricity renewably, we could bring that up to 40%. And, we’ll try to inspire ten other communities to do as we are doing in that time. We are doing our part to bring about a future Nova Scotia which generates all of its energy renewably.
We’re going to do it like this: Members of our Coop who wish to invest in solar for their homes, businesses, or organizations will become a part of our bulk purchase. If we can sign up 100 members to invest in a 10 kW system each – about the amount you’d need to power a typical family home – we will be able to offer each of them cost savings of about 10% off market value. Our members will require less time – about 12 years – to recover their investment than they would on the open market. But the equipment works for about 25 years.
And we’re a Cooperative in the tradition of the Antigonish Movement, which was all about cooperative investment in the common good. Via a small surcharge on our members’ purchases, we’ll raise money for the direct relief of poverty in the local area.

Подкрепен от Antigonish, NS (August 2015)