GearHeads of Oklahoma, Inc

We are a recent start up non profit here in OKC. We take our passion for motorsports and create an environment were families can get plugged in to local events and activities, but were they can also take joy in giving back to those in need. We operate as a 501(c)(3) non profit to provide automotive repair & maintenance grants to families in need. You can find out all the details about how this works on our website. Originally several of us would get together to attend car shows and other events as a group. We were asked to help a young family in need of some automotive repair. Afterwards we thought why not do it for more? and why not invite more people and families to join us? After doing some research we realized that not many organizations are prepared to help their program recipients with automotive related issues, but everyone has the need, especially in OKC. Our goal is to come along side and support other charitable and non profit groups and their recipients. In addition we fell motivated to help kids that have a passion for motorsports, but due to life circumstances don't have many opportunities to embrace this passion. We aim to create programs within the local community that can help point kids in the right direction and make learning a cool experience.

Подкрепен от Oklahoma City, OK (October 2015)