EdCamp Kingston - bringing the unconference to YGK

Edcamp Kingston is a one-day "unconference" that brings together teachers, parents, students, and community partners to talk about education in our city and how we can work together to affect real change.

Unlike regular conferences, edcamps are completely free, non-commercial, and made up of sessions hosted by the people attending the conference (not expensive keynote speakers). There have been over 700 edcamps organized around the world, but this will be the first one in Kingston - and we are long overdue for one!

Prior to the event, we will have a padlet wall running so people can start talking about what they want to see in education - what's happening already that they love, where we have room to grow, things they wonder, that sort of thing. On the day of, people will come, register, have some breakfast, and we will have a giant brainstorming wall for people to add sessions that they would like to see. The wonderful thing about edcamp is that the conversation is driven by the people who are there. We will take the most popular sessions and slot them into our schedule for the day (there will be four 50-minute time slots for sessions, and up to 10 sessions running at one time depending on numbers!). One of the rules of edcamp is the "law of two feet" - if the session isn't what you had hoped, you are free to check out another session!

We will also have a number of interactive activities throughout the day that will help people to network and connect. After all, though this is a one-day event, the conversation must continue for action to take place!

Throughout the day, we will also have a twitter feed going via the hashtag #edcampYGK so that people who can't make it to the event can still participate in the conversation.

We are really excited to bring edcamp to Kingston this fall!

Подкрепен от Kingston (July 2015)