The Trail Angel Project Part 2

Hello, last year I had the privilege of meeting Michelle who got a grant for The Trail Angel Project last year which was for the many hikers who make the trek from Georgia to Maine/Maine to Georgia on the Appalachian Trail in the Kent to Salisbury areas. She and I discussed me trying for a grant this year to continue the much needed 'trail magic' for the weary hikers as they travel thorough our area. It is my desire to be able to continue this tradition and to maybe encourage others to apply next year and maybe even have The Trail Angel Project Part 3 etc.... I became an accidental trail angel the summer of 2013. I work in the town of Salisbury near a trail head and started to learn about the amazing journey that about 2,000 hikers begin each year. I, myself, am not a hiker, I am a sidewalk girl but I became intrigued by their tenacity and sheer drive to finish. I recently moved back to this area of Connecticut to be with my elderly mother and it has become a joy to help the hikers each summer, we often invite them into our home, offer them showers and even do their laundry. We have had the privilege of meeting some extraordinary individuals and have made lasting friendships. I have a hiker who stayed with us last year coming to visit in this summer to help spread the trail magic along! (the pics I included are from me and Michelle last year) Thank you for your consideration.

Подкрепен от Connecticut (June 2015)