Textile Project

I'm working on a range of sewing kits that will include 3m of an artisan printed textile, dress pattern and notions (everything you need to complete the garment) and instructions. My aim is to make it easy for a beginner sewist to take the step toward making their own clothes, to provide a better quality raw material and to offer a range of new textile designs/prints that make the finished item a one-off stand-out garment. Really, do we need more people shopping at Temt and Valley Girl? and most fabric available in Perth is low grade and pretty nasty (unless you want to pay much moola per metre for high end imported goods) - and the textile prints are pretty un-inspiring.

The D-I-Y makers market is gaining momentum and there is a very poor selection of funky printed fabrics available. I am a sewist and I walk into every fabric store in perth and feel let down. On-line fabric shopping is taking off, but there is little available that can be called artisan prints.

At the moment I imagine my customer will be predominantly female 15-30 yrs (or any beginner sewer) and there is also a market for this item in gift-buyers for this demographic. The textiles may be a saleable item on their own.

Подкрепен от Perth (May 2014)