IndGenius is a social enterprise which aims to support Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander youth with their secondary and tertiary education. Our goal is to recruit and train tutors with cultural awareness so that they may support students academically and pastorally. We have identified a massive lack of transitional support for remote indigenous students relocating to Perth to continue their studies, as well as cultural and stigmatic issues.
IndGenius recognises the growing number of Indigenous students attending high school and tertiary institutions, and the need for academic support to achieve their goals. We also recognise that Aboriginal Liaison Officers are frequently time-poor and unable to find, hire and monitor academic tutors to advance their students.
IndGenius solves this issue by providing a selection of academic tutors through a tailored, bespoke program.
We propose a casual tutoring workforce with demonstrated academic ability, commitment to the project’s objectives and employment, comprehensive training as well as tailored, bespoke tutor selection/match making.

Подкрепен от Perth (July 2014)