Morbid Anatomy Museum Live Stream

Since 2009, Morbid Anatomy has presented hundreds of lectures by museum professionals, rogue scholars, and autodidacts at our base in Brooklyn, New York. These lectures--just a few of which have included Selfies At Funerals: Postmortem Photography and Cultural Taboos; The Dark Arts in the Dark Ages; Dracula, Degeneration and Syphilitic Births at the Fin de Siècle; Women Who Bite: Chastity Belts, Castration Anxiety and Feminism; Heavenly Bodies: Jeweled Sacred Skeletons of the 16th Century; and Viva la Muerte: The Mushrooming Cult of Saint Death--are often sold out, standing room only affairs, and have cultivated a passionate community of like minded people over the years.

Since we began this series, our international audience has steadily grown; we now regularly hear from readers in places as diverse as Japan, Australia, Spain, France, Belgium, the UK, Sweden, South Africa and Mexico. Nearly every time we list a lecture on our Facebook page--which now has nearly 200,000 followers-- we receive at least one comment asking about the possibility of viewing these lectures remotely from those unable to make it to our (very small!) physical space in Brooklyn.

We would use an Awesome Without Borders grant to purchase cameras and other equipment necessary to livecast and archive Youtube videos of our events so that the non-New York based Morbid Anatomy community can enjoy the awesomeness of these lectures, which are, at the moment, ephemeral affairs for locals only (and a severely limited number at that!).

We are sure that livecasting and archiving the Morbid Anatomy lectures online will radically enhance our work and radically expand our reach. We have a very large and active social media following who will, in this way, finally be able to truly connect with our unique programming, to virtually join our community, and to meet the roster of fascinating and underrepresented scholars, artists, and autodidacts who make up the greater Morbid Anatomy community!

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (April 2014)