Mikst Me-di-an


“I went looking for a reflection of myself in a Museum, couldn’t find any--so I decided to hang here.”

Mixed; /mikst/ Adjective ~ Consisting of different qualities or elements.

Median; me·di·an /ˈmedean/ Noun ~ the median value of a range of values, noting or pertaining to a plane dividing something into two equal parts.


I have been photographing Mixed Race People, from Eastern NY to the San Francisco Bay, Northern Buffalo to Southern Texas.

I set up shop, for 2-7 days in any given city. Work 9-12 hr days. Then on the heels of each PHOTO session, I walk the individual over to a pre-lit area, and ask them questions for the VIDEO portion.

I am aiming to capture, reflect and catalog the varied scope and subjective life experiences of Mixed Race People, from all economic stratas/Aged 4-100/Women/Men/LGBTQ.

I have been working on this project in between directing film/tv gigs, personally funding it.

After culling a wide range of PHOTOS & VIDEO footage, I intend for the exhibit to tour statewide.

Ultimately, I will donate the elements to a University Library or archival Museum as contemporary commentary on Mixed Race People, in America.

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (April 2014)