Jafflechutes: North America

Jafflechutes is a Melbourne-born toasted sandwich parachute delivery service.

Over the last nine months, myself and a small closely-knit team have been holding jaffle-parachuting events throughout Melbourne that work a bit like this:

1) Order a jaffle of your choice and elect a delivery time through a bespoke, mobile-friendly website

2) Travel to a pre-arranged location in the Melbourne CBD ('find the X!')

3) Catch your jaffle as it floats down from the sky

All parachutes are hand-made, and all jaffles cooked with the greatest love and care. We strive to create an experience that is as entertaining and deliciously unique as possible. Any jafflechutes that get caught in trees / eaten by a ledges / whisked away by Wind Gods are immediately replaced, free of charge.

Jafflechutes is not a money-making operation. All profits (if any) are re-invested in materials or donated to charity (Fr Bob Foundation, Lifeline). We are proudly Melbourne-based, and consider ourselves the beneficiaries of the city’s unique architecture, cultural industries and batman-crazy weather.

To this date we have operated exclusively within Melbourne, but now we want to take Melbourne to North America (!!!!).

At this stage, we are planning three Jafflechutes events throughout North America - New York City, Montreal and Vancouver. Each event will operate largely as they do back home, however the realities of working in unfamiliar spaces will in all probability significantly increase costs (and losses, but not fun).

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (April 2014)