Creative City Project

The Creative City Project is built on the belief that art has the ability to change the way people experience and connect with their city. By placing live performance, visual and interactive art in public places, the Creative City Project has helped shape the creative ethos and face of Orlando. In its first two years, the Creative City Project has partnered with Cirque du Soleil, Orlando Ballet, Mad Cow Theatre and SAK Comedy Lab. It has engaged hundreds of artists and thousands of residents of and visitors to Orlando.

As we continue to grow, we anticipate seeing a greater level of engagement by arts organizations as well as residents of and visitors to Orlando.

In 2014, we will - once again - have a single night of events featuring dozens of arts organizations and hundreds of artists. In 2013, several thousand came out to be part of the night's festivities. We anticipated an even larger turn out in 2014.

Подкрепен от Orlando, FL (February 2014)