The Vending Art Project

The Vending Art Project would involve buying a vending machine (second hand) which would sell greeting cards made by local artists in the city of London. The project's purpose would be to support and encourage the arts in the city of London.

The vending machine could feature up to 20 local artist's work. Cards would cost approximately $4.00-$5.00 to purchase from the vending machine.

Potentially, each artist whose work is sold from the vending machine could write a short bio of themselves and their work and would be included in the sale of the card. This would allow each customer the opportunity to know who they are supporting in the London community by their purchase of their card.

The first vending machine would potentially be placed at a retirement home where seniors could purchase cards for their friends and family while supporting local artist's work.

In terms of promoting the opportunity to London artists, I would post a call for work on London's many artist networks including but not excluding the London Arts Council, London Fuse etc.

Management of the vending machine would be handled by myself (ie. stock, repairs, community relations).

Подкрепен от London, ON (September 2013)