Kangaroo & Joey Rehabilitation Enclosure

I am working with a volunteer rescuer/carer Helen Coy from Sydney Wildlife Rescue to help build a much needed kangaroo rehabilitation and orphan joey enclosure in the Windsor area.

Helen is an aged pensioner and the sole supporter of her husband, an ex NSW police officer suffering from dementia. Her respite from looking after him is volunteering to save native animals. Sadly this much needed service is unfunded in our communities right across Australia and all costs are borne by the individuals who help.

Sydney Wildlife Rescue is in need of an enclosure for kangaroos injured by cars and their orphaned joeys. There are a lot of kangaroos and joeys in Sydney that are euthanased because of a lack of rehabilitation facilities so Helen very generously offered that it could be constructed at her property. To build this enclosure means saving many animal lives not only now but into the future so that they can be returned to a safe environment in nature. Our native animals are born to live healthy and free instead of being a victim of urbanisation and societal apathy. It is wrong that these beautiful Australian animals are killed unnecessarily because of a lack of resources and money. I believe our wildlife and the people who care for them deserve to, and should be helped.

I know Helen very well and she is a dedicated and sincere lady who puts all her spare time and money into our precious wildlife. I've never applied for a grant before and do not want assistance for myself. If funds were granted I would like them allocated to Helen Coy on behalf of Sydney Wildlife Rescue to help save our kangaroos and joeys. I have secured the best quotes for the materials to build the enclosure and have organised volunteers for its construction. Your grant would mean making this project possible.

The future of wildlife is everyones responsibility and making that a reality is more than awesome. A $1000 would be the difference between life and death for our wildlife.

Подкрепен от Sydney (February 2024)