If/When is a 6-minute stop-motion animation about lonely Ollie - born with a unique time-traveling condition who struggles to make lasting connections; until they meet Az - with her grey restless eyes, who are worth trying to defy the universe for. If/When is about fighting to be with our loved ones and holding onto them for as long as we can.

We’re proud to share that our inclusive crew is primarily made of women and non-binary crew members. This story is adapted for the animated screen by Courtney Westbrook and is based on the original short story by Richie Black. Not only is our story awesome, but our emphasis on creating a warm and positive environment that is female focused. The labour of love involved with handcrafting has become increasingly valuable in an AI obsessed world.

If/When has completed production on our lead puppets ‘Ollie’ and ‘Az’ and major set design. We are moving into the stage where we are making the last of our sets and getting ready to start camera tests. As our sets and puppets are completely handcrafted they require very particular materials to work for the animation process, as well as the overall aesthetic. Keeping this in mind, we’ve adopted a sustainable approach by selecting materials from 'Reverse Garbage' who extends their lifecycle and diverts them from landfills. Additionally we utilise landfill diverted paper wherever possible for set construction and puppet creation.

We’ve conducted extensive research into animation, female and LGBTQIA+ focused grants; however due to the nature of the industry they are few and far between. When we came across The Awesome Foundation we were excited that projects would be judged based on the merit of how they create a positive and lasting impact on the Sydney community. Our Director, Courtney’s hope for If/When was to hire a female identifying crew to help create equity on and off Australian screens. Likewise, we have also created learning opportunities in a variety of roles: bringing on board art, production and sound trainees to gain mentoring experience.

The Awesome Foundation will be a significant help in bringing our characters from the page to the screen with intricate backdrops and complex puppet designs. It will enable us to move into the next stage of production involving camera and animation tests.

Overall, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just the choice of materials, it encompasses the entire production process from design to disposal. By prioritising environmental responsibility we aim to create a positive impact both within our project and the broader community. If/When hopes to shine a light on animation, mental health issues, and women and non-binary representation within the film industry.

Our aim is to show this film at festivals and hope that its impact will continue to be felt for many years to come, giving hope to those lost or seeking comfort.

Подкрепен от Sydney (March 2024)