Monarch Printing Co. building

Too often development of communities is done without consideration for the neighbors and resources already residing in the area. Old buildings are torn down, replaced with the latest and greatest new construction, and residents are displaced for wealthier tenants or homeowners who can afford the freshly gentrified locale. This leads to squandering or even destruction of existing community, culture, buildings, and land. We believe we can succeed with a better approach.
We are incremental developers, focused on the Monroe Park neighborhood of South Bend. We are enhancing the beauty and function of the neighborhood while honoring the history and preserving the culture that already exists. We do this by working with neighbors to identify needs and leveraging resources available in the community. We keep rents affordable and target solutions attuned to the local community’s needs.
Some may say our approach to development can’t be done profitably. We believe, however, that the efficiencies gained by working with the existing community and resources will make-up for additional costs or dampened revenue by taking our resident-driven and community-centered approach. We have validated this approach in residential projects and are now moving to our first commercial building.
We own the Monarch Printing Co building in the Monroe Park neighborhood which will be our flagship commercial space for our model of incremental development. We need funds to activate the storefront of this building, including enhancing the facade, and cleaning up the interior of the first floor to allow it to be leased.
The Monarch Printing Co. building is designated as a local historic landmark in South Bend. While it is in need of repair, it remains an excellent example of Neo-Classical style with many original features intact. We plan to restore the building, maintaining historic characteristics and charm, while adapting the use of the building to meet the needs of the surrounding community.

Подкрепен от South Bend, IN (May 2023)