Update on Cooperative Phonograph for skate park

Must see video of recently finished phonograph:
The Cooperative Phonograph uses forgotten mechanical-audio magic from 19th century in an all-new type of sculpted experience. This interactive phono-record sculpture is unique because it is not at all fragile and the recorded sound waveform is macroscopic and tactile. A voice-recording of the refrain, “Love is All You Need”, is instantly recognizable as the coda of the Beatlesʼ song “All You Need Is Love” when the textured sound wave is scraped- using a business card as the phonograph stylus. One person spins huge record disc to control the rotation frequency (musical pitch), while another person holds the sound wave scraper and varies the amplitude (volume) of the musical experience. An organic sense of community emerges as users engage each other in this cooperative play.

Подкрепен от Ann Arbor, MI (November 2013)