Latin Wealth

The Latin Wealth platform is financial literacy platform for Latinos to help educate our community about business, entrepreneurship, investing and health. My goal is help close the wealth gap for the Latino community. With this building this community, I also want to give a platform to underrepresented Latinos who have talents, businesses, or authority in their industry.

We interview different industry leaders from real estate, cryptocurrency, finances to creatives and have them share valuable insight on how they leverage their career to create wealth. With podcast adverting poised to hit $2.2 billion in revenue this year, a success podcast brand has proven to be lucrative, impactful and a fulfilling career.

We plan on monetizing our platform by; offering ad placements, hosting weekly webinars, hosting in person workshops and offering business courses. I found my passion with podcast over 4 years ago and me being a Puerto Rican man, I’m also passionate about helping my community. Communities like that white and Asian communities have an abundance of financial literacy resources, while Latinos are severely lacking. The Latin Wealth platform is focused on filling that gap.

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