Emergency Travel Funds- Elevated Access

We are a non-profit organization that enables people to access healthcare by providing flights on private planes at no cost. Our volunteer pilot network transports clients seeking abortion or gender-affirming care across the United States. Most people in the United States are within thirty miles of an air strip; at least one small airport with a single runway. Unfortunately, today there is a growing need for folks to access additional types of assistance. Individuals are facing challenges to their bodily autonomy all over this country. And for those seeking health services, it can mean days of travel, time and wages lost from work, time away from families where they are the primary caregiver, and other significant financial investments. We don’t like that we need to exist, but we know that we can help.

We use volunteer pilots to this end, but there are times and place where volunteer pilots are either not available to fly passengers directly or it is most efficient to fly commercially.

With the growing need for commercial flights for those seeking abortions and gender affirming care, our need for funding has dramatically increased. We do not believe in leaving anyone behind if our volunteer pilots are not available or able to provide efficient travel- so we are also providing the funding for commercial flights.

We understand you mention no funding for travel, but the travel is not for our staff, but rather a part of our entire mission- we provide travel to other states for reproductive care, so we hope we still fit within the parameters of your grant guidelines.

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