Happy Valley FitLink

Happy Valley FitLink is an inclusive wellness program for neurodiverse individuals (individuals intellectual disabilities, Autism, cerebral palsy). Our vision is to be an inclusive wellness community for individuals with intellectual disabilities to express themselves through movement.

We provide weekly inclusive adapted fitness classes for individuals with intellectual disabilities of all ages and serve as an educational resource for them and their families/caregivers through different wellness seminars that we organize that focus on whole body wellness. Our program is based on volunteerism only and none of our friends (participants) pay for any of the services we provide. We work with PSU interns who help lead our classes and allow us to keep classes and educational seminars free to our friends.

We have 3 weekly group fitness classes: Cardio drumming at the Grace Lutheran church in State College; Group fitness fun at the State College YMCA; and a virtual fitness classes for our friends that live outside State College. We have recently grown to the point that we are limited by the amount of equipment we have. Specifically, we need more pool noodles to make drum sticks from and more yoga balls and buckets to serve as our drums.

Подкрепен от State College, PA (November 2021)