Outdoor heated shelters for stray cats

The cold season in Centre County last for 3.2 months with a daily low temperature average of 21⁰F. As a small donor to Hope’s Dream Rescue & Sanctuary, a 501c3 non profit rescue, I’ve become invested in this organization’s ability to continue serving the voiceless cats in Centre County. Led by a team of volunteers, Hope’s is responsible for the spaying and neutering of almost 500 cats in this calendar year alone. Half of these cats were stray or feral cats. Hope’s identifies colonies of feral and stray cats and works closely to recruit and identify colony caretakers who assist with their spay and neuter and protection efforts. Hope’s is connected to 6 colonies, with their president, Lesa, feeding and caring for the cats at these locations.
As the cold months approach, Hope’s is seeking funding for heated cat houses to keep outdoor cats warm through freezing temperatures. This grant would be used to purchase heated outdoor shelters for cat use throughout the winter. The heated aspect to these shelters removes the added expense and mess of replenishing straw to the common feral cat shelters Hope’s sets up during the winter months. Elderly caretakers have struggled to maintain a regular cleaning and replenishing schedule to their makeshift heated shelters.

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