Annual Symposium and Content

The End Well Symposium is a first-of-its kind gathering of multidisciplinary groups of design, tech, health care and activist communities to educate, raise awareness and create lasting culture change. We bring together people in a dynamic setting to share ideas on how one can experience the end of life in ways that match their values and goals.

It addresses issues of equity and access to palliative care, human-centered health care, culture, ritual, grief, loss, caregiving, and mental health through conversations and panel discussions, with speakers from Tim McGraw and Meghan McCain, to Rylie Kearns, an 8th grader who bravely spoke about the loss of her father, and Sara Auster, a sound therapist who led a sound bath meditation.

What sets our symposium apart is the fresh, brave and inclusive way it does so - high-energy, data and heart driven experience that features a powerful mix of celebrities and unsung heroes, fully immersing attendees in the cultural, clinical and systemic issues, opportunities and innovations relating to the end of life experience. They feel as if they are co-creating a shared and accessible space, inspired to take actions towards easing suffering during serious illness and caregiving.

Life, death, caregiving, grief, loss, social isolation, loneliness, access to care, mental health – It’s all part of the journey. We are changing the conversation.

The reach doesn’t stop after the symposium. Talks are recorded by very high quality production standards. The content is then disseminated throughout our social media channels and on our website, where we have over 30 million views annually.

It has resonated far and wide because we bring a fresh perspective to a topic people are fascinated by but afraid to explore. With 10K baby boomers turning 65 each day in the U.S and 53 million Americans caring for a loved one, never before have we felt there is opportunity to make an impact and create avenues for new systems of support.

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (October 2021)