Supporting the Gloucester Boxing Club

Since 2015, the Gloucester Boxing Club (GBC) has centered its mission on helping youth and young adults in our community, not called to the typical opportunities provided by other school sports programs, but who respond to the first-class instruction we provide in the sport of boxing. While all sports offer a physical workout, boxing offers a unique set of benefits beyond self-defense and exercise. Learning to box challenges the body, the intellect and the will of everyone who steps through the gym doors - whether or not they choose to compete.

Working with children as young as six and serving approximately 35 youth per year, more than 70% of our active members are from low-income, single-parent households, and who rely on the GBC volunteers for mentorship. Studies have shown that youth, mentored by trusted adults to achieve personal goals, can reduce the prevalence of crime, violence, and other adolescent risk behavior - paving the way for positive outcomes in adulthood. For these reasons the GBC takes a holistic approach to boxing – not only to teaching the sport and cultivating athletes, but helping to ensure that youth in the community enjoy a safe environment for personal development.
Understanding factors for high-risk behavior, we provide classes from 4pm - 8:30pm, Monday through Friday, when exposure to youth crime and violence are at their peak. There are three different classes: Beginners Boxing (ages 6-10), Amateur Boxing (ages12-18) and Pros (competition based - age 19 and up), as well as self-defense classes for women. We are proud to say that with the help of volunteer trainers, three of our members have competed professionally.

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