I would like to fabricate a large neon sign with a flashing ~ to alternate between saying "Americaña" and "Americana". This is one of the most recent projects of my research-based creative practice involving an evolving series of solo and collaborative initiatives to use our invented term, Americaña, as a cultural metaphor to explore the complexities of identifying Latina/o/x traditions, knowledge, politics, history, geography, artifacts, and ephemera.
"Americaña" is an invented word that is in a sense self-defining to suggest a Hispano/Latinx influence in our understanding of what contributes to Americana. Without a formal definition, this invented term operates as a broader cultural metaphor to explore. Using text and language, these projects confront the anglo-centered way that we archive and describe cultural artifacts within the United States of America.
The neon sign flashing between Americaña/Americana will bring the term and cultural metaphor into the public realm. Through visual art and text, this project will create a conversation around the themes our ongoing project works to understand.
Complete project site is currently under development (www.americañ

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